We Need A Resolution…


As the clock struck 12 last Saturday, I promptly logged out of Facebook so as not to read the ubiquitous “New Year, New Me,” posts that happen right around this time EVERY year. But I can’t say I would blame anyone for wanting to wash the bad taste of “the year that shall not be named,” out of their mouths.

I could ruminate on the many ways in which 2016 was one big situation-ship, but that’s not what this space is for…in the words of the late, great Aaliyah, “We need a resolution.”

But resolutions tend to get left in the back of my closet every year, much like the going out outfit I buy but never get the chance to wear. So f*ck  yo’ resolutions, and my own for that matter, because without an action plan, I’ll be the same person I was last year, and ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.

I’ve realized that the key to making a change is accountability, sometimes it’s to others and sometimes it’s to yourself. So if you can’t find a friend to commit to your mission to get it right and tight or to eat out less or to find you chi, then you have to learn to cheer for your damn self. Never forget Lil Wayne’s prolific phrase “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna.” Make sure that you are changing your life for you and not so that everybody and their little brother can hand clap for you. Disappear for a while, log off Facebook, stop posting #foodporn on Instagram and learn to live without people watching. Beat your face, eat the most exotic meal you can find, travel alone, and don’t document it for anyone other than your self.

So I’m holding myself accountable this year…in no particular order here’s what I plan to do this year.

  1. Get my driver’s license
  2. Participate in a charity walk/run
  3. Take an aerial yoga class
  4. Take a boxing class
  5. Exercise at least 3x a week
  6. Take a ballroom dancing class
  7. Move into my first apartment
  8. Volunteer for a cause that I align with
  9. Revive my YouTube channel
  10. Launch a website for The Black Lipstick Project
  11. Take a sewing class
  12. Learn Photoshop and video editing 
  13. Go to Harry Potter land
  14. Learn CPR
  15. Pay off credit card debt
  16. Stop getting upset at situations that are none of my business
  17. Tell somebody I love them at least once a week
  18. Adopt some principles of minimalism
  19. Bake a cake from scratch
  20. Go to a sex positivity workshop
  21. Collaborate with new creatives
  22. Eat a meatless meal once a week
  23. Practice daily meditation, self-care and self-love
  24. Complete a yoga challenge
  25. Get a new tattoo
  26. Read at least one new book a month
  27. Take an art class
  28. Take a road trip
  29. Start a book???
  30. Start an emergency fund

As I achieve each thing and hopefully things I didn’t even see coming, I’m going to be chronicling all of it.

So we’ve established that one week into the new year, most of us all are exactly who we were right before that glittering ball dropped. So what are you going to do about it?  Write it down, leave me a comment, write a note in your phone, but get up off your butt…and may you #findsometlc along the way.




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