Five Reasons Why I Don’t Care About the Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj Shenanigans

A curious thing happened on my various timelines about 24 hours ago, suddenly the interwbez was all aflame with talk of Nicki Minaj’s healing time from those butt shots she swear she didn’t get, and Remy Ma who we haven’t heard from since she was conceited for various reasons.

Curiousity, a growing, I settled in to my Facebook with my new glasses perched on my face. With a hot cup of tea in hand and scrolled through people’s various reactions to a kinda old school vs. sort of new school Black female rap beef that I didn’t know was cooking.

Remy Ma dropped the diss track heard round the world, and did everything in that song except say Nicki was U-G-L-Y and ain’t have no alibi.

Remy Ma has since become the MVP of throwing shots, and offering up enough shade to shield us all on a hot summer day.

Other than scrolling through some of the social media reactions, and reading Luvvie Ajayi’s hilarious post, I actually don’t care about the well-done beef between the two rappers because…

1. Catfights between Black women are divisive

I’m not sure if Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma know that Orange Voldemort is leading the free world or not, but there are plenty of outside forces trying to tear down all of the brown people, and I simply cannot participate in any tomfoolery that undermines Black women doing anything except uplifting one another.

2. If anything that Beyonce does is considered overrated, why we still grabbing popcorn to watch public Black figures go at it?

A funny thing happens when public figures start verbally sparring, particularly Black ones, it’s like the fact that their pettiness is actually none of our business goes out the window, and we become personally invested in which Black figure can be the slimiest. If you don’t care bout Beyonce’s twins, why are you placing bets on whose diss track will be the pettiest?

3. We have all of like zero mainstream Black female hip-hop artists right now.

The 90s gave us female rap powerhouses and 2017 gave us name calling between to Black female hip hop artists who need to do be working on their craft, knowing darn well there’s already very little representation in the genre as is, unless you choose to prescribe to stereotypical attributes and make crap music.

4. It’s none of my business.

Neither Remy Ma nor Nicki Minaj have done anything for me lately and I will receive no royalty checks from any of their diss tracks.

5. Publicity is the real MVP

Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj could be in all of the cahoots, when “Shether,” dropped last night the two women could have been out pop lockin’ and taking shots together for all we know. What’s the fastest way to get back in the public eye? State publicly that you have issues with another celebrity and watch social media freak the f*ck out. Nicki Minaj will probably not respond, in order to keep Remy Ma positioned as the uncouth hater. Remy Ma is not Miley Cyrus, so when Nicki asked her “What’s good?” she responded. But I take it with a grain of salt, same way I do all of these beefs. Society already positions Black women negatively, and I can’t watch tomfoolery unfold if it reinforces those misconceptions?

Do you care about the Nicki and Remy beef? Did you dismiss the diss track?

Let me know in the comments, and as always may you #FindSomeTLC, the same way those two women need to do.



Chrisette Michele, You in Danger Girl


Do you hear that silence? That is in fact the sound of Chrisette Michele’s dying career. Ever since I’ve seen the social media fallout slowly unfold after Chrisette Michele decided to turn her soul into a horcrux by agreeing to perform at the inauguration of orange Voldemort.

Word on the street is that she received $750,ooo for her performance, and in an interview with Billboard she stuck to her story, of agreeing to hit the high notes for the new bogus POTUS in the name of unity; “We can either shift for love or we can shift for division,” she said, “and I’d much rather shift for love.”

Um, Chrisette? Gurl, bye.

I’m not sure how she thought that coming out of whatever Forbidden Forest she was hiding in, after missing in the mainstream for like five years and then selling her vocals to the devil for a few hundred thousands was her “shifting for love.”

The country is shifting for faux populism, dictatorship, censorship, and inequality what it ain’t shifting for is love, dear.

In her interview, she states that her family disowned her for agreeing to perform, and plot twist she performed at one if the inauguration balls and notes that Trump didn’t even shake her hand.

Why would he? She does not look like one of his brethren, she does not reflect the 53% who uplifted his unethical values.

Can we expect other black folks with public platforms to serve as activists and mouthpieces for us all? I’m still trying to sort out my own feelings about that. Many comments online criticized the backlash against Michele and stated that she is a performer and not an activist, and that she probably needed the check.

I have no doubt about that, because I fear this might be the last chunk of change she sees for a while because any possible collaborators of hers are now worried that Trump’s bad juju has rubbed off on her.

There is not enough coin in the world that could have convinced me to set aside my values and the fact that much of the world would rather that any one with brown skin not exist in order to go hum a few tunes and shuck and jive for the president that shall not be named.

Chrisette, you in danger girl.

How do you feel about the whole thing? Do celebrities who are members of marginalized groups have a duty to side with the marginalized? Or is all fair in love and coin?

Let me know in the comments, and lawd jesus may we all find some tlc.