Ten Things Not To Say To Your Single Friends

Source: Tumblr

STOP. ASKING. ME. WHEN. IMMA. GET. A. BOYFRIEND (insert brown clap emojis here)

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to discuss something very serious in nature. I’m talking about a particular virus, I wouldn’t call it an epidemic, it’s more of a contagious fever; also known as the “I’m in a relationship so everyone must be in one,” school of thought.

I have long been accustomed to being the single, but eclectic elephant in the room, when in the presence of friends and their romantic partners. I am the one who can in fact pop lock with anyone I want to in the club, I can make inappropriate jokes, and I can also probe the minds of said partners when looking for insight into the male mind.

There is no one hogging up half my bed, no one texting me asking where I am at, and I do not live in fear of various Beckys wit da good hair.

And guess what?…I’m okay with that. So in the spirit of my current hat throwing back into the millennial dating ring of fire, here are ten things to stop saying to your single friends.

1. When are you going to get a boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/ scalp greaser?

If I had to mark the date on my Google calendar, I would probably say that I would like to be in a relationship, when I’m supposed to, which will coincide with when I feel like it.

2. You and this person that you just met would be SO CUTE.

Probably, not. As long as you and your partner gel together like Beyonce’s baby hairs, that’s all that matters. Me and whoever my current gentleman caller are under enough pressure trying to not let our individual crazy seep out before date number five. I ain’t got time to worry if we would be cute or not.

3. I can’t wait for you to be in a relationship, so we can all go out.

But we can all go out now, where y’all wanna go?

4. I’m so glad, I don’t have to deal with *insert dating tomfoolery here* anymore…

Unless you are one of those blessed” we met in high school couples,” then you’ve probably had to kiss fifty-eleven toads first, you must remember where you came from on the way to love land.

5. I just want you to find love.

Correction (Rafiki voice), I have love, from my momma and them, and the lovely humans I call my friends. I’ve had love since birth, I would like to be IN love, though.

6. I know a nice guy.You want me to set you up?

This well-meaning but often misguided attempt at the classic fix-up often leads to you coming up with a polite way to say that you do not wish to ever exchange tonsils with this person who was supposedly the bee’s knees, arms and legs.

7. I can’t wait for all of us to be in relationships?

But why?

8. You should put yourself out there.

But it’s cozy in here, and until I meet someone who makes me feel warmer than a pair of chenille socks with Uggs on a chilly winter day, Imma stay right here.

9. I remember being single.

You’re still in your twenties, I hope you remember it…

10.  I’m happy that I have my bae/babe/boosky/ to do that with me/for me now.

At this point, you must prepare the fresh baked cookie that your friend is obviously reaching for…your single friends are also probably happy that you have this amazing human to complement you, but self-sufficiency is just as sexy.

What else do you wish your friends/aunty/the world would stop telling you when you’re single?